At Youldon Moor we have just over 13 acres which is conveniently divided into five fields. This has been invaluable when rotating the animals and enables us to grow some on for hay.    



This year we fertilised with chicken manure., it was rather smelly for a few days before the rain came but the quality of the grass this year was amazing. The fields were full of thick lush grass with a wide variety of meadow flowers such as buttercup, vetch and clover. We decided to cut earlier than usual during the dry spell in June and were very fortunate to have a team of friends to help with collecting the bales as we had at least a third more than last year due to the chicken manure.

We normally produce small hay bales as shown below but the baler as ever was temperamental and had a few hicups. We had to resort to large round bales  with the reed that we cut in one of our fields.  The reed was too thick to go through the small baler. We use the dried reed as bedding for all our animals, it has great body and we have found it a good alternative to straw.

With the grass being cut earlier than usual and the chicken manure still working well we now have thick long grass again which needs to be silaged asap.


July 2014 Hay Making

It is always a gamble with the weather at Hay making time but this year we were very lucky to have such a long window of dry days to produce some wonderful bales. It is always hard work storing the bales away in the barn and the bales don't ever get lighter over the years! Please note we currently have lots of hay for sale.