We are now the very proud owners of two holstein friesian bullocks who are just 2 1/2 weeks old. We have been wanting to try our hand at keeping cows for ages and then just by chance when talking to a neighbour one day we found they had some surplus calves and we decided to take the plunge and take some off his hands. It will mean more work having to bottle feed the calves, but the pleasure is rewarding. I have never seen such a large bottle to feed animals but they have certainly no qualms in being hand reared. On their first feed with us they feasted hungrily and now there is no looking back.

They are currently being kept in the safety of the barn, but as soon as they are able they will have the pleasure of helping us keep the grass down as we seem to have plenty at present!

(Nov 2010) Our calves are growing well and have now been succesfully weaned. On nice dry days they are allowed out of the barn to have a run round the field. they really enjoy this and its a pleasure to watch them. They are incredibly calm cows, as to get them to go back in the barn we just open the gate and they wander happily across the yard and back in the barn with no trouble - hope this continues!!

(Dec 2010) The calves are growing fast and eating their way through our hay supplies. They are full of character and very friendly.


(March 2011) One of our cows - Derek -is now on facebook with friends - unbelievable