One reason for choosing reason for choosing Jacobs was for their fleece. Some DASH (Devon Association of Smallholders) friends of ours also keep Jacobs and they have produced some stunning fleeces which are beautifully soft under bare feet, one of their fleeces is shown below. I plan to spin our own wool but I have yet to learn this skill and a large bag of shaun fleece is waiting for me in the barn!

We have had many comments about Jacob sheep's excitability and considerable skill in escaping, so far ours have been pretty well behaved but it is true they do show a lot of character. They also have a very inquisative nature and as we no longer have our leader sheep Millie, calling "Sheep" across the field has little effect.  Luckily we have two young border collies who are more than happy to try and round them up. Poppy is both intense and keen and as soon as she sees sheep has them rounded up. We are still working on moving the flock in the chosen direction!

We recently bought our new handsome ram (Rambo) who is currently seperated in another field with two of ourTexel wethers until the chosen time that he is required. We are planning on producing lambs for March 2011.

(Rambo) is now in his element looking after all his new girls, hopefully leaving the lambing a little later this year the colder weather will have hopefully past.


Lambing time

On Tuesday 8th March  I returned home from work to see one of our ewes had a beautiful little lamb curled up by her side. On approaching her I was delighted to see a second lamb on the other side.

Wednesday 9th and two more sets of twins were born. Our Ram is looking like he's a goodun', will wait to see how well the next 8 ewe's perform.

After the first three ewe's lambed in the field, we brought all the sheep in to the barn for the lambing period as the foxes round us are quite partial to new born lambs. We have seperated them into three sections, those due to lamb, just lambed and older lambs with ewes. When the lambs are a little bigger and faster we will return them to the field.

We normally lamb earlier in Jan / Feb but decided to time it later this year as we planned to get away for a few weeks in Jan and didn't want to miss it, plus the weather is a lot warmer in March.


Dawn and Tom did an amazing job of shearing our sheep very quickly and professionally last June. I now have a dumpy bag full of fleeces ready to be carded for spinning or weaving into rugs on my peg loom.