Large Black

Ruby is our large black sow who has produced 4 litters with us. She has an excellant temperment and has been consistant in delivering good quality litters during waking hours. We have been privaliged to witness the births which is a truely magical time. Because Large blacks have large floppy ears the piglets always remind me of mini elephants.

Large blacks are extremely docile pigs and a very hardy breed. Their black skin benefits them in a variety of climatic conditions. The Large Black is one of 8 pig breeds on the list of the Rare breeds Survival Trust.




Saddleback pigs are also a hardy breed and exceptionally good mothers. We had a very busy Easter this year when all six of our sows produced litters all within a few weeks of each other. It was very noisy few months with lots of little squeaks coming from all over the place.

Our pigs have a very happy time being able to live a spacious free ranging life in the fields. They are supposed to be kept in by a single strand of electric wire but some of our pigs have learnt to hurdle the fence. They can even jump over two strands of wire, so now we have to put it up to three strands. They would be great in an agility contest! 

The only time our pigs are brought into the barn or stable area is when they farrow which is a safe place for sow and piglets or when the weather gets extremley bad in winter and they come in for a bit of TLC. 

We feed our pigs on rolled barley, wheat and oats sourced from a local farm who produce their own.

We keep our pigs for 8 - 12 months before being processed unlike commercial breeders who fatten them up as quickly as possible. The meat we produce reflects in the time and care we put into raising and breeding our own pigs. We provide very tasty pork, sausages, hams and bacon (see prices for more details).